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GRDC Car Rules and Guidlines Empty GRDC Car Rules and Guidlines

Post  LOWLIFE on Tue Jun 16, 2009 7:00 pm


Each Member starts with a $35,000. Your current budget must be kept up to date in your garage thread. Any Items you purchase come out of your budget, including the cost of your car(s). As you make purchases or win events, you must keep the budget up to date. Member found "cheating the system" could be removed from the GRDC.


Each Member must keep an up to date Garage, including their PI, HP, Build List, and Cost. This is to help discourage cheating, as with a complete build list, Organizers can assemble a car, to verify if it is legit, and/or matching what they are driving in a room.

There will be 2 types of GRDC Events, Parking Lot Events and Pro Am.

Parking Lot Events
A parking lot event consists of 4 or more GRDC members. These event could range from, practice, friendly battles, or Car shows. Members earn $500.00 towards their budget for attending, with a Maximum amount of $2000.00 a week earned.

Pro Am Events
A GRDC Sanctioned tournament, with prize money, cars, or sponsorships.


Unlike in the previous GRDC Rules, there is no restriction production years. If you can afford it, run it.

RWD Cars only! (And yes it must be posted.)

35,000cr initial build limit, including car. (after certain number of events attended, credit limit goes up.) Build list will need to be supplied upon request to join. All and any discounts you have available apply.

Engine upgrades must only go up to sport. Engine and drive train swaps are allowed, but the cost does come out of your budget.

*** there is a Horesepower cap of 600hp ***

These are the things in platform upgrades that are CAPPED at sport: Brakes, ARB, transmission, clutch, flywheel, and driveline. Suspension and differential are the only items that can be race.

*** There is no charge for street or sport weight reduction, and the cost does not need to be included in your budget. ****

Tires no higher than sport.

The cost of the rims goes towards the your budget. Size and width are personal preference and are not included in the budget. For example if you buy a $3600 set of Lexanis, and change them to 19" with max width, your cost is $3600.00.

Roll Cage:
A roll cage will not be required for "Parking Lot" events. However, it will be required for "Pro Am" Events. Once you install the Roll Cage, it cannot be removed for parking lot events.

Paints are to be Clean Real World Looking paints. We are looking to keep this semi realistic, with paints that you would see everyday. Small manufacturer logos are ok, but large Sponsorship type logos are anly allowed if you win a sponsorship from a specific company.

Vinyls that simulate Body Mods, like Carbon Fiber hoods, Vented Fenders, Wide body kits, will be assessed a value, and we will try to keep a current list of those parts and value in the parts section. The cost of body mods does go towards the build cost of your car.

If your car gets damaged (ie: bumper falls off during an event), for the next meet/event, the bumper must either be an off color or teal to represent it is a replacement. (No charge will apply for this. We want to be drifting, not doing accounting for 27 years.)

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