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Race Event Rules Empty Race Event Rules

Post  LOWLIFE on Thu Jan 21, 2010 5:46 pm


All rooms are to be set up with NO ASSISTS! We do not have traction control in Real live drag racing.

Races are pretty much standard, You can do Heads up races, giving up car lengths, best of 3, Etc…. Races can be set up by class, PI, HP, Etc….

As always with drag racing, Pink Slips come up. Both drivers must agree to a Pinks race, there must be other members present to ensure a fair race. Loser must immediately gift over his car. AS IS!!!! Most importantly, you cannot enter into a pink slip race, unless you have a second car as a back up.

The Last form of races will be used for tournaments.


Each driver will post their ET (Estimated Time) The driver closest to their ET, without going over is the winner.


Driver #1 posts an ET of 15.600 and his run is a 15.900 (+ .300)
Driver #2 posts an ET of 23.400 and his run is a 23.500 (+ .100)
Diver #2 is closer to his ET, therefore wins the race.

If a driver “breaks out” or goes faster than his ET, he loses.


Driver #1 posts an ET of 15.600 and his run is a 17.900 (+ 2.300)
Driver #2 posts an ET of 23.400 and his run is a 22.500 (- 0.900)
Diver #2 went faster than his ET, and Breaks out, Driver #1 wins the race.

In the event of a both drivers Breaking out, the race will be rerun.

During Tournaments, there will be bonuses for “Perfect Runs” A perfect run is just that Running you EXACT ET. If you post a 13.581 you must run a 13.581.


Only Official SLDA Staff can post an Official Tournament. Any other member tournaments are considered private events and my have NO monetary or parts prizes.

During Official tournaments, SLDA may offer sponsorships, cars or cash to go towards your build budget. If you win a part, IE Race intake from K&N, you get to apply there race intake to your car, free of charge, and may paint your car with K&N as your main sponsor.

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