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Post  LOWLIFE on Thu Jan 21, 2010 5:52 pm

OFFICIAL START Friday Feb 12th 2010
What car you have posted on this date, is your locked in car. Make sure you have your Garage up to date by Feb 12th.


Each member must have a complete Build list in the OP of their Garage thread. Every item you have on your car must be listed, including the free items. This is so during tournaments and questionable events, organizers can build your car, and insure your PI and HP are matching what you are using in a room.

Unfortunately this is do to previous incident of attempting to cheat the system. Only complete garage threads will be eligible for tournaments. Any member found cheating the system will be removed from the SLDA and their garage thread will be deleted.

Your garage bust have the following Items. You must keep an updated and accurate garage to participate in events. unfortunately this is to prevent those that want to cheat the system. Must include all parts including the free ones.



Current Bank:


1/4 Mile ET:

Build List: (With Pricing)


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