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RevOnCustomz' Garage: RevOn Sport Tuning

Post  RevOnCustomz on Sat Jan 23, 2010 9:51 pm

GT: RevOnCustomz

Team: RST

Current Bank: $0

Car: 94 MX-5 Miata
PI: S643
HP: 466
TQ: 295 lb-ft

1/4 Mile ET:11.2 to 12.2

Build List:
miata: 6000cr
enkei rpf1: 3700cr
rx8 motor: 9700cr
toda racing sport rotors and comp: 4300cr
sport exhaust: 4140cr
sport trans: 5800cr
exedy sport clutch: 1040cr
hks single turbo: 3900cr
hks sport air filter: 2300cr
blitz sport fuel system: 3440cr
sport driveline: 720cr
ngk sport ignition: 2170cr
toda sport flywheel: 2790cr

Total: 50000cr

Free Mods
Sport Weight Reduction
235/35R16 Rear Tire Width & Size



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