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Post  LOWLIFE on Tue Jun 16, 2009 6:46 pm

Well, finally getting around to posting this as it may interest some people.

The base history of this formation started with a post about "show your grassroots cars." I did and posted a few more examples. The basis of that thread was just appearances only as it did not specify power or anything like that. Later on (and unknown to me until I posted up the rules for this) was the first attempt at a Grassroots Club. The specifics for the club were vaguely defined and somewhat unclear to me and unmemorable (as I cannot remember much of it right now). Both of these threads were locked for various reasons.

During the day, I spoke with Benmastaw00t in regards to forming our own Grassroots Club. With the guidance of DMTR Wolf, we were able to find what guidelines to follow when posting a new club. We took his advice and together, we formed the base rules for the club. Throughout the discussion, we touched on various subjects that have now come to fruition. Suggestions such as tournaments, meeting areas and a budget were suggested then and throughout the life of the club. The initial budget idea had spawned from a tournament idea DMTR Wolf and myself had thought up. We worked with that base (50,000cr) to see what we could build. We had both discovered that a car could easily be built for that amount of money with a considerable amount left over. From there, we compromised on the 35,000cr limit as it gives people a chance to build what they want with very little left over, but in turn, an amount that players must work from. We left the club as an invite only idea due to the requirements to join. We wanted to see if people really would take the time and effort to build a car under the budget and then post up both the build cost and list of parts used, both to make sure the rules were being met and to see the competition.

At this point, we have five staff members and one or two unofficial staff members due to the rapid growth this club has experienced. One of the things that really keeps this going is the long list of suggestions sent in by members. Ideas like tournaments, what tracks to use, what prizes should be for certain tournaments, what kinds of meets and what other aspects of a simulation drift career we should take into account are just a few things. All of us on the staff fully appreciate the effort people not only put into having fun with this concept, but also the ideas that people have by playing around with various ideas they might have. We always encourage our members to share those ideas.

We do have staff meetings and within these, we talk about the various ideas suggested throughout the week. The week before when it was just a couple people on staff, we discussed a couple additions to the staff as well as a few concepts that are just now coming into the spotlight. Last meeting was fully focused on the Wise Guys auto sales, a used car dealership of sorts that members can trade cars in or purchase new cars from.

I had initially intended this club to be one thing, but it has grown to proportions that even myself cannot quite understand how it got to this. But, like the other staff members that have been since the beginning, we're embracing this shift and, like I said above, encourage members to bring about other sorts of change. We encourage people to throw in suggestions and to think of this as a "game in beta testing." Ideas such as the tournament layouts and company sponsorship are two of the things that us on staff really appreciate contribution to. One idea that we're currently discussing and I will make public is an addition to Wise Guys auto. What kind of addition it is, we aren't entirely sure of yet, but a meeting will create fresh and interesting ideas.

I know this is a long read, but this is not only the history of it, but also the future. Please keep bringing in suggestions and fresh ideas and if we like it, we'll implement it for the following week. If we don't fully like it, we won't shut it down. It'll just be modified to make it even and we will provide feedback regarding it.

Keep this in mind. Treat this like real life, use your imagination, and every time you come on, it will be an ongoing experience.

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